No New Friends

Over the weekend was my going away get together with my close friends. Since I have several different groups of friends, it left me feeling a bit wary if the clash of these different groups will get along. Luckily everyone got along great and we all had a good time. At first they didn’t really mingle with each other, but they eventually did.

When I heard Drake’s new song called “No New Friends” I was laughing and singing it to my friends at the bar. I was telling them I’m not gonna have any new friends when I get to Cali lol. Now every time I hear it I think of me acting a fool singing it to my friends and my friends giving me this look like, “Oh Connie…” lol. Here’s the music video for the song if you have no clue what song I’m referring to lol:

DJ Khaled feat. Drake, Rick Ross, & Lil WayneNo New Friends

Anyways, they all successfully got me super drunk where I felt like I was still drunk the next morning lol. Downed 15 shots and surprisingly no one had to come to my rescue and hold my hair back for me lol. I remembered I kept going from one end of the bar to another because my different groups of friends kept buying me shots lol. Clearly the past ranging alcoholic and party animal is definitely still there haha. Of course my drunk ass ended up sobbing like the biggest cry baby ever when it came to the end of the night. I cried more and more when each friend hugged me. I legit cried like I was watching the most sad K-drama ever hahaha. VERY EMBARRASSING! I don’t like crying around anyone, but damn my friends have never really seen me cry that much ever lol. They also never saw me that drunk ever since I’m always the designated driver haha. So I was already getting a bit sad for when I was on my way to the bar. I kept trying to tell myself no matter how drunk I get DO NOT CRY LIKE A LITTLE BITCH!! lol. But it’s understandable for why I was upset and my friends know how sensitive I can be. Although, after my friends sharing stories with me from what had happened that night, I am extremely mortified!!! LOL.

It’s just really hitting me hard. I wish I could just bring all the people I care about with me just to make the transition easier. I’m sure I’ll meet new people like I have already, but my friendship with my friends here in my hometown is so incomparable. I see these friends of mines as family and they take care of me like as if I’m their little sister. It’s just a very comforting feeling. One of them was sweet enough to introduce me to their friends that are moving to the same area as me during the same time. That might make me feel a bit better and not feeling as lonely.

As homesick and sad as I am already, I really am looking forward to this big transition in my life. It’s a huge step for me not just for my career, but for my personal life as well. I have no expectations and I’m gonna try my best to embrace this change. When people ask me how long am I gonna be gone for, I honestly don’t know. I’m not gonna give myself a deadline for how long I intend on staying over in the west coast. It’s just very unpredictable. Anything can happen. I’m super anxious and my stress level is at it’s max. There’s still a lot to do with so little time.

Tomorrow I’ll be seeing my friends again one last time before I go. Pretty much seeing friends that couldn’t make it out on Saturday night. It’ll be a much more intimate crowd and not like a giant cluster on Saturday. Their kindness and support has really hit me hard and makes it harder for me to leave, but I know what I need to do once I get settled in. Either way, I’m glad to see everyone that I wanted to see before I go and I am very thankful and blessed to have these people in my life.

Boston will always be my home.


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