It’s been really nice out and ridiculously humid this past week, and I haven’t had the chance to enjoy the weather at all. I’ve been busy with packing and trying to see my friends before I leave. Things have been stressful and chaotic, but not as stressful as before. I’ve had a difficult time trying to relax which has definitely affected the way I sleep and eat. The stress was driving me crazy. Anyways, when I woke up yesterday I decided to just lay out in the sun and tan, have an ice cold beer and enjoy some music. It was the first time in a veryyyyyyyyyyyy long time where I felt so relaxed. My mind felt at such ease that I haven’t felt in awhile. It was almost comforting to know and to feel that everything is gonna be okay and that things are slowly coming together. I wasn’t just stressed out with my move, but there were so many factors and my relocating just added on to it. Although I wasn’t doing much and I was only outside for an hour since the heat was unbearable, it was definitely much needed. As weird as it may sound, I just felt some kind of reassurance that I’ve been hoping to feel for a long time and it feels great. 🙂


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