Goodbye Xanga. Hello WordPress!


With the current ‘Xanga apocalypse’ going on, I might as well start fresh and get acquainted with WordPress. I am still pretty bummed about Xanga shutting down. It was a big part of growing up way before Facebook, Twitter, and all those other social media outlets came along. I was a member of Xanga since 2001 and it’s crazy how I’m still managing to blog on that site. I’m surprised for how long they’ve lasted though. It was already a shame to see how small the Xanga community has gotten over the years. Yet it was always refreshing to see how many great people were still on there blogging and not letting the current social media fads take them away. Although I have to admit there weren’t many good blogs to read anymore as each blogger was leaving one by one. A lot of people gave up on blogging wondering “is anyone even gonna read this?” and carried on with their lives offline from Xanga.

I feel like the Xanga team basically broke up with the bloggers lol. “It’s not you, it’s me” kinda deal, ya know haha. I did contribute a donation to their fundraiser in hoping that maybe they’ll be able to revive the site, but there is some doubts as hopeful and optimistic I tried to be. I wish the Xanga team raised much more awareness in the Xanga community for what was going on rather than to drop the bomb and hoping to raise $60K in a month. RIDONKULOUS! I have to say it’s a bit sloppy on their end.

Here amidst onto a new blog, I hope to come across great bloggers like I did with Xanga. I am very glad to have built a friendship with many people on there. I feel like every Xangan is reaching out to each other collecting each other’s contacts as if we’re graduating and signing each other’s yearbooks before we part our own ways haha. I feel like I’m leaving my childhood behind and putting on my big girl pants now that I’ve joined WordPress haha. I had made a WP account probably a few months ago and attempted to blog on here, but I was way too comfortable with blogging away on Xanga. C’mon Xanga member since 2001 haha!

I don’t plan on archiving my blogs from Xanga at all. I think it’ll be a great fresh start on here with a clean slate. Yeah, it would be interesting to read back on my posts and reminisce but I think I’ll be okay without my old posts. A lot of great yet horrible memories and I’d rather just not remind myself of those times.

Anyways, I look forward to reading more blogs here on WP and maybe come across those familiar Xangans on here as well!

Happy Friday everyone! 🙂